Hockey World Cup schedule 2023: Match schedules, knockouts, times, venues, and more for Bhubaneswar and Rourkela

Hockey World Cup schedule 2023: Argentina will face South Africa in the first match of the FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 on January 13 at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, which will kick off the event.

The 15th edition of this World Cup is being hosted by India on January 13, at the newly constructed Birsa Munda Stadium in Rourkela, where the Indian team will take on the Spanish national team.

Earlier this year, India hosted the tournament for the second consecutive year, where the tournament was also held in Bhubaneswar, where Belgium received the title, the Netherlands was runner-up, and Australia received the bronze medal.

There will be 16 teams participating in the 2023 edition of the tournament – divided into four groups of four teams each. It is the first team from each group to advance directly to the quarterfinals, while the second and third teams from the same group will go through to the crossover round, with the winner going on to the quarters.

Please find below the full list of fixtures, dates, and times for the matches taking place during the Hockey World Cup 2023:

Hockey World Cup schedule 2023
Hockey World Cup schedule 2023


Hockey World Cup schedule 2023

Match No.FixtureRoundDateTime (IST)Venue
1.Argentina vs South AfricaGroup StageJanuary 131:00 PMBhubaneswar
2.Australia vs FranceGroup StageJanuary 133:00 PMBhubaneswar
3.England vs WalesGroup StageJanuary 135:00 PMRourkela
4.India vs SpainGroup StageJanuary 137:00 PMRourkela
5.New Zealand vs ChileGroup StageJanuary 141:00 PMRourkela
6.Netherlands vs MalaysiaGroup StageJanuary 143:00 PMRourkela
7.Belgium vs KoreaGroup StageJanuary 145:00 PMBhubaneswar
8.Germany vs JapanGroup StageJanuary 147:00 PMBhubaneswar
9.Spain vs WalesGroup StageJanuary 155:00 PMRourkela
10.England vs IndiaGroup StageJanuary 157:00 PMRourkela
11.Malaysia vs ChileGroup StageJanuary 161:00 PMRourkela
12.New Zealand vs NetherlandsGroup StageJanuary 163:00 PMRourkela
13.France vs South AfricaGroup StageJanuary 165:00 PMBhubaneswar
14.Argentina vs AustraliaGroup StageJanuary 167:00 PMBhubaneswar
15.Korea vs JapanGroup StageJanuary 175:00 PMBhubaneswar
16.Germany vs BelgiumGroup StageJanuary 177:00 PMBhubaneswar
17.Malaysia vs New ZealandGroup StageJanuary 191:00 PMBhubaneswar
18.Netherlands vs ChileGroup StageJanuary 193:00 PMBhubaneswar
19.Spain vs EnglandGroup StageJanuary 195:00 PMBhubaneswar
20.India vs WalesGroup StageJanuary 197:00 PMBhubaneswar
21.Australia vs South AfricaGroup StageJanuary 201:00 PMRourkela
22.France vs ArgentinaGroup StageJanuary 203:00 PMRourkela
23.Belgium vs JapanGroup StageJanuary 205:00 PMRourkela
24.Korea vs GermanyGroup StageJanuary 207:00 PMRourkela
25.2nd Pool C vs 3rd Pool DCrossoverJanuary 224:30 PMBhubaneswar
26.2nd Pool D vs 3rd Pool CCrossoverJanuary 227:00 PMBhubaneswar
27.2nd Pool A vs 3rd Pool BCrossoverJanuary 234:30 PMBhubaneswar
28.2nd Pool B vs 3rd Pool ACrossoverJanuary 237:00 PMBhubaneswar
29.1st Pool A vs Winner 25QuarterfinalJanuary 244:30 PMBhubaneswar
30.1st Pool B vs Winner 26QuarterfinalJanuary 247:00 PMBhubaneswar
31.1st Pool C vs Winner 27QuarterfinalJanuary 254:30 PMBhubaneswar
32.1st Pool D vs Winner 28QuarterfinalJanuary 257:00 PMBhubaneswar
33.4th Pool A vs Loser 259-16 ClassificationJanuary 2611:30 AMRourkela
34.4th Pool B vs Loser 269-16 ClassificationJanuary 262:00 PMRourkela
35.4th Pool C vs Loser 279-16 ClassificationJanuary 264:30 PMRourkela
36.4th Pool D vs Loser 289-16 ClassificationJanuary 267:00 PMRourkela
37.Winner 29 vs Winner 32SemifinalJanuary 274:30 PMBhubaneswar
38.Winner 30 vs Winner 31SemifinalJanuary 277:00 PMBhubaneswar
39.Loser 33 vs Loser 3413-16 ClassificationJanuary 2811:30 AMRourkela
40.Loser 35 vs Loser 3613-16 ClassificationJanuary 282:00 PMRourkela
41.Winner 33 vs Winner 349-12 ClassificationJanuary 284:30 PMRourkela
42.Winner 35 vs Winner 369-12 ClassificationJanuary 287:00 PMRourkela
43.Loser 37 vs Loser 383rd Place MatchJanuary 294:30 PMBhubaneswar
44.Winner 37 vs Winner 38FinalJanuary 297:00 PMBhubaneswar
Hockey World Cup schedule 2023

Hockey World Cup 2023: Everything you need to know about the World Cup trophy

There is much in the way of anticipation surrounding the upcoming FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023, which is set to be held in Bhubaneswar and Rourkela from January 13 to 29, and it is essential for you to know all there is to know about the successful World Cup trophy.

The 650 mm tall World Cup trophy that was carved from gold, silver, ivory, and teak is a masterpiece of craftsmanship that includes a hockey stick and ball set on top of a large globe embellished with gold leaf.

Who designed the trophy for the World Cup and when was it designed?

This trophy was designed by Basheer Moojid, a member of the Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps of the Pakistan Army, who helped to make it a reality with the help of the members of the Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps.

Mr. H. E. Masood, the Pakistani Ambassador to Belgium, was the official presenter of the World Cup trophy to FIH President Rene Frank at a ceremony in Brussels on March 27, 1971.

During the subsequent World Cup editions, the trophy has been presented to the winning team every time since the first World Cup was played.

What is the name of the first World Cup winner?

The Pakistani team won the inaugural Men’s Hockey World Cup in 1971, beating Spain 1-0 in the final in Barcelona, with Akhtarul Islam scoring the winning goal in the 26th minute with the final score of 1-0.

Hockey World Cup 2023: India’s schedule, fixture, date, and time as well as the squad and information about live streaming

On Friday, January 13, the Indian team will start their campaign at the FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 in Rourkela, Odisha, with a game at the Birsa Munda Stadium.

There are only a few teams that have participated in every edition of the World Cup, and India in the year 2023 will be the team that makes its 15th appearance at the event.

Schedule, games, and times for the FIH Hockey World Cup 2023

The last time India won the World Cup was in 1975, and since then the country has achieved only a 5th place finish at the 1994 tournament, which was their best finish since 1975.

As a home country, however, India will be buoyed by its home support, and will be looking forward to landing a podium spot after winning the silver medal at the Olympic Games in 2021.

In the group stage, who will India face and what will their opponents be?

There are three teams in Group D. If India tops the group along with England, Wales and Spain, it will move on to the quarter finals. In case it finishes second or third in the group, it will have to play a crossover match in order to qualify.

What is the schedule for India’s games during the group stage?

India vs Spain – Rourkela – January 13

England vs India – Rourkela – January 15

India vs Wales – Bhubaneswar – January 19


What time will India’s games begin?

The first match of India’s group stage will start at 7:00 PM in India Standard Time (IST).

What is India’s squad for the FIH Hockey World Cup 2023?

Goalkeeper: P.R. Sreejesh, Krishna Pathak

Defender: Jarmanpreet Singh, Surender Kumar, Harmanpreet Singh (Captain), Varun Kumar, Amit Rohidas (Vice Captain), Nilam Sanjeep Xess

Midfielder: Manpreet Singh, Hardik Singh, Nilakanta Sharma, Shamsher Singh, Vivek Sagar Prasad, Akashdeep Singh

Forward: Mandeep Singh, Lalit Kumar Upadhyay, Abhishek, Sukhjeet Singh

Standby: Rajkumar Pal, Jugraj Singh

What is the time and place to watch India’s games at the FIH Hockey World Cup 2023, and where can I watch them?

There will be telecasts of India’s games, as well as all of the other games at the World Cup, on Star Sports First, Star Sports Select 2 HD, and Star Sports Select 2 SD, during the tournament.

There is also the option of streaming the games live with the Disney+ Hotstar app on mobile devices.


Hockey World Cup 2023: A full list of the 16 participating teams and their squads

Here is the full list of nations and their squads that will be competing at the 2023 FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023, scheduled to be held in Bhubaneswar and Rourkela from January 13 to 29, as the build-up continues.

A, B, C, and D each have four teams competing in its group, so the 16 teams have been grouped into four pools – A, B, C, and D. Here is the complete squad for each group:

POOL A:  Australia, Argentina, France, South Africa

Australia – Hockey World Cup 2023

Squad- Josh Beltz, Johan Durst(gk), Nathan Ephraums, Lachlan Sharp, Tom Wickham, Eddie Ockenden (captain), Andrew Charter(gk), Jeremy Hayward, Jake Whetton, Aran Zalewski (captain), Tom Craig, Blake Govers, Daniel Beale, Tim Brand, Matthew Dawson, Jake Harvie, Tim Howard, Flynn Ogilvie

Reserves- Jacob Anderson and Dylan Martin

Head Coach- Colin Batch 

Argentina – Hockey World Cup 2023

Squad- Tomas Santiago(gk), Emiliano Bosso (gk), Facundo Zarate, Nicolas Della Torre, Nicolas Cicileo, Federico Monja, Juan Ignacio Catan, Santiago Tarazona, Matias Rey(captain), Thomas Habif, Agustin Bugallo, Agustin Mazzilli, Nicolas Keenan, Maico Casella, Martin Ferreiro, Lucas Vila, Tomas Domene, Lucas Toscani

Reserves- Agustin Machellet and Bautista Capurro 

Head coach– Mariano Ronconi

France – Hockey World Cup 2023

Squad- Arthur Thieffry(gk), Mattéo Desgouillons, Pieter van Straaten, Stanislas Branicki, Gaspard Xavier, Simon Martin-Brisac, Blaise Rogeau, Viktor Lockwood, Charles Masson, Gaspard Baumgarten, François Goyet, Noé Jouin, Jean-Baptiste Forgues, Eliot Curty, Etienne Tynevez, Victor Charlet (Captain), Brieuc Delemazure, Edgar Reynaud(gk)

Reserves- Corentin Sellier, Timothée Clément

Head coach: Fred Soyez

South Africa – Hockey World Cup 2023

Squad- Bili Ntuli, Jethro Eustice, Brad Sherwood, Keenan Horne, Connor Beauchamp, Mustapha Cassiem ,Dan Bell, Nic Spooner, Dayaan Cassiem(captain), Peabo Lembethe, Estiaan Kriek(gk), Ryan Julius, Gowan Jones(gk), Sam Mvimbi, Guy Morgan, Sihle Ngubane, Jacques van Tonder, Tevin Kok

Reserves- Anton van Loggerenberg, Taine Paton, Clayton Saker, Trevor de Lora, Dan Sibbald, Tyson Dlungwana, Luke Wynford, Zenani Kraai

Head coach: Cheslyn Gie

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POOL B: Belgium, Germany, South Korea, Japan

Belgium – Hockey World Cup 2023

Squad- Loic Van Doren (gk), Arthur Van Doren, John-John Dohmen, Florent Van Aubel, Sébastien Dockier, Cédric Charlier, Gauthier Boccard, Nicolas De Kerpel, Alexander Hendrickx, Félix Denayer (Captain), Vincent Vanasch (gk), Simon Gougnard, Arthur De Sloover, Loïck Luypaert, Antoine Kina, Victor Wegnez, Tom Boon, Tanguy Cosyns

Reserves- Maxime Van Oost, Thibeau Stockbroekx

Head Coach– Michel van den Heuvel

Germany – Hockey World Cup 2023

Squad- Alexander Stadler(gk), Mathias Müller, Mats Grambusch (captain), Lukas Windfeder, Niklas Wellen, Tom Grambusch, Teo Hinrichs, Gonzalo Peillat, Christopher Rühr, Justus Weigand, Marco Miltkau, Martin Zwicker, Hannes Müller, Timur Oruz, Thies Prinz, Moritz Trompertz, Moritz Ludwig, Jean Danneberg(gk)

Reserves– Niklas Bosserhoff, Paul-Philipp Kaufmann

Head coach- André Henning

South Korea – Hockey World Cup 2023

Squad- Kim Jaehyeon, Kim Hyeonhong, Kim Kyubeom, Lee Gangsan, Lee Namyong(captain), Jung Manjae, Hwang Taeil, Lee Jungjun, Seo Inwoo, Ji Woo Cheon, Lee Hyeseung, Kim Jaehan, Kim Sunghyun, Jeong Jun-woo, Lee Seunghoon, Kim Hyeongjin, Jang Jonghyun, Jeon Byungjin

Reserves- Yang Jihun, Lee Juyoung

Head coach- Shin Seok Kyo

Japan – Hockey World Cup 2023

Squad- Koji Yamasaki, Shota Yamada, Yusuke Kawamura, Yamato Kawahara, Seren Tanaka (captain), Kentaro Fukuda, Taiki Takade, Takuma Niwa, Raiki Fujishima, Ken Nagayoshi, Hiro Saito, Ryosei Kato, Ryoma Ooka, Masaki Ohashi, Kaito Tanaka, Kisho Kuroda (gk), Masato Kobayashi, Takashi Yoshikawa(gk)

Reserves- Yuma Nagai, Hiromasa Ochiai

Head coach: Akira Takahashi

POOL C: Chile, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand

Chile – Hockey World Cup 2023

Squad- Araya Augustin, Juan Purcell, Adrian Henriquez, Vicente Goni, Fernando Renz (captain), Jose Maldonado, Martin Rodriguez, Kay Gesswien, Andres Pizzaro, Juan Amoroso, Jose Hurtado, Filipe Renz, Ignacio Contrado, Raimundo Valenzuela, Axel Ritcher, Axel Troncoso, Nils Strabucchi, Franco Becerra

Reserves- Augustin Amoroso, William Enos

Head coach- Jorge Dabanch 

Malaysia – Hockey World Cup 2023

Squad- Adrian Albert, Hafizuddin Othman, Hassan Najib, Razie Rahim, Rosli Ramadan, Jalil Marhan, Hamsari Ashran, Sari Faizal, Muhamad Aminudin, Ashari Firan, Shello Silverius, Faiz Jali, Hasan Azuan, Sumantri Norsyafiq, Najmi Jazlan, Shahril Saabah, Mizun Zul Pidaus, Azhar Aminul

Reserves- Tengku, Shahmie Suhaimi

Head Coach- Arul Anthoni

Netherlands – Hockey World Cup 2023

Squad- Maurits Visser, Lars Balk, Jonas de Geus, Thijs van Dam, Thierry Brinkman (Captain), Seve van Ass, Jorrit Croon, Terrance Pieters, Floris Wortelboer, Teun Beins, Tjep Hoedemakers, Koen Bijen, Steijn van Heijningen, Pirmin Blaak(gk), Jip Janssen, Tijmen Reijenga, Justen Blok, Derck de Vilder

Reserves- Jasper Brinkman, Dennis Warmerdam

Head Coach- Jeroen Delmee

New Zealand – Hockey World Cup 2023

Squad- Dom Dixon(gk), Dane Lett, Simon Child, Nick Ross, Sam Hiha, Kim Kingston, Jake Smith, Sam Lane, Simon Yorston, Aidan Sarikaya, Nic Woods (Captain), Joe Morrison, Leon Hayward(gk), Kane Russell, Blair Tarrant, Sean Findlay, Hayden Phillips, Charlie Morrison

Reserves- Connor Greentree, David Brydon

Head Coach- Greg Nicol

POOL D: India, England, Spain, Wales

India – Hockey World Cup 2023 schedule

Squad- PR Sreejesh (gk), Krishna Pathak(gk), Armanpreet Singh, Surender Kumar, Harmanpreet Singh (Captain), Varun Kumar, Amit Rohidas, Nilam Sanjeep Xess, Manpreet Singh, Hardik Singh, Nilakanta Shar, Shamsher Singh, Vivek Sagar Prasad, Akashdeep Singh, Mandeep Singh, Lalit Kumar Upadhyay, Abhishek, Sukhjeet Singh

Reserves- Rajkumar Pal, Jugraj Singh

Head Coach- Graham Reid

England – Hockey World Cup 2023 schedule

Squad- David Ames (captain), James Albery, Liam Ansell, Nick Bandurak, Will Calnan, David Condon, David Goodfield, Harry Martin, James Mazarelo(gk), Nick Park, Ollie Payne(gk), Phil Roper, Scott Rushmere, Liam Sanford, Tom Sorsby, Zach Wallace, Jack Waller, Sam Ward

Reserves- Brendan Creed, Ian Sloan

Head coach– Paul Revington 

Spain – Hockey World Cup 2023 schedule-

Squad- Andreas Rafi, Alejandro Alonso, Cesar Curiel, Xavi Gispert, Borja Lacalle, Álvaro Iglesias, Ignacio Rodríguez, Enrique Gonzalez, Gerard Clapes, Andreas Rafi, Jordi Bonastre, Joaquin Menini, Mario Garin(gk), Marc Reyne, Marc Miralles (captain), Pepe Cunill, Marc Recasens, Pau Cunill, Marc Vizcaino

Reserves- Rafael Villalonga, Pere Amat

Head coach: Maximiliano Caldas

Wales – Hockey World Cup 2023 schedule

Squad- Toby Reynolds-Cotterill(gk), Rhys Payne(gk), Gareth Furlong, Daniel Kyriakides, Hywel Jones, Ioan Wall, Steve Kelly, Lewis Prosser (captain), Dale Hutchinson, Jacob Draper, Gareth Griffiths, Rhys Bradshaw, Rupert Shipperley (captain), Fred Newbold, Ben Francis, Luke Hawker (captain), James Carson, Jack Pritchard

Reserves- Rhodri Furlong, Jolyon Morgan

Head coach: Daniel Newcombe


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