How to pay credit card bill with another card?

How to pay credit card bill with another card?: Almost half of the population today uses credit cards to solve their problems the same way magicians snap fingers solve problems. With the advent of credit cards, problems could be resolved by swiping your credit card, but today, they can be solved by tapping your credit card. There are many features that are available to you when you use credit cards. This article explains how you can pay your credit card bill by using another credit card. As part of this article, you will also learn how to pay your credit card bill via another credit card in India, how to pay a credit card bill using another credit card online and how to pay your credit card bill using an SBI credit card.

How to pay credit card bill with another card?
How to pay credit card bill with another card?


How to pay credit card bill with another card?

Today, it is no big deal to have a credit card or to get a credit card, which is why nearly everyone has one. As technology has improved and options have increased throughout the years, the terms and conditions of credit cards have become less harsh as they used to be and paying them back has become easier. As far as hassle-free payments go, they can be very useful. Let us find out more about them.

What is a credit card?

In the same way that you have buy now pay later apps today, these are your original pay later slips. It is your original pay later option that has been in existence for some time, much like this buy now pay later option. Once you have paid for a product at a store or another store, you can swipe the credit card that your bank has issued you and then use it to pay for your product at that store or other store. The purpose of a credit card is to validate your current purchase and then take the credit amount from your bank once you have paid for the card.

There is a difference between a credit card and a debit card, which is a card that you can use to pay for stuff instantly, rather than paying for it on credit. A credit card is more popular than a debit card since it is easy to use. It is also known that it gets you more cashback and rewards, so it is more appealing than a debit card, which further reinforces its advantages.

How to pay Credit Card Bill by another Credit Card?

We will take a closer look at the question that is catching the attention of our readers, what is it about paying credit card bills with another credit card? In answer to this strange question, the first part is that it is possible to pay for a credit card using a credit card, but it should be noted that it must be done indirectly as opposed to directly. Using a credit card to clear your credit card dues is one of the three ways in which you can proceed. The three methods are as follows.


A credit card can be used to withdraw cash, and if you use that cash to pay off your credit card bill in full, you will be able to stop paying the interest on your debt. You can use this method to get cash back. The problem, however, is that using a credit card to withdraw cash will result in you paying interest, and credit card interest rates are already quite high, so you would actually end up adding to your burden, rather than helping you solve it.

Online e-wallet

E-Wallets allow you to use your balance, as well as your fund, to make payments online. The E-Wallet allows you to transfer funds from your bank account to the wallet you want to use. Once the funds have been transferred, the payment can now be made.

Funds Transfer

As shady as it might be, you can transfer funds from one credit card to another credit card and pay its dues. You can use a card on which the rate of interest is low and on which you are still in your interest-free period and this way you can get a double benefit as well as get done with your credit card bill payment.

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Paying a credit card bill with another credit card in India

Based on the discussion above, we know you may only be able to pay your credit card using another credit card indirectly. Our country is one where shortcuts are readily available for nearly anything. If you give people the time and space to work on any original stuff, they can come up with better versions within weeks. This is the reason why I wonder if there are still more ways to pay your credit card bill by credit card out there.

At this point, we can see how convenience has taken precedence today. A first step must be to provide people with an instrument that allows them to pay on credit right now with the money to be deducted later, then, to pay off their credit, additional convenience is required where they use another credit card to pay off their previous credit. Consequently, they will be provided with a chain of services that will continue to follow them, leaving them with the option of finally paying when they are ready to cease operations.

The fact remains however, that necessity is the mother of all inventions as they say, and if tomorrow some of us decide to come up with some new hack then there will be something that none of us would have thought of if we had not been given the chance.

Credit Card to Credit Card Payment Online

Previously, it was discussed that you can make credit card to credit card payments online with an E-Wallet transfer option or a balance transfer option and then you can get things done with it. You can also use your E-Wallet transfer or balance transfer options. You may also choose to withdraw cash from one credit card and use that to pay for your other credit card in a more offline manner, but that would be considered to be an offline method.

How to pay Credit Card Bill from SBI Credit Card

The basic idea of how a credit card works for the purpose of paying another credit card is already known to us, but we now have to focus on how to pay credit card bill with the SBI credit card and we are going to take a closer look at that.

  • Online: The amount due can be cleared by logging in to your account on the SBI website. From here, you can pay off your card dues.
  • NEFT: For any SBI credit card, the corresponding IFSC code can be used to pay off your outstanding credit card balance.
  • Paynet-Pay Online: You can make a payment online using SBI’s net banking service for your credit card dues.
  • Visa Credit Card Pay: You can transfer funds using your net banking account to any SBI Visa Credit Card.
  • Electronic Bill Payment: The electronic bill payment facility enables you to make payments directly from your bank account via the Internet by means of your bank account.
  • National Automated Clearing House: The dues can also be directly deducted from the bank account of the person who has registered through this process on the due date of the process.
  • SBI Auto Debit: You can directly debit your SBI cards via your State Bank of India account.
  • Debit Card: Another debit card may be used for paying your SBI credit card bill online.
  • Over the Counter: In case you want to pay your dues for your SBI card, you can do so at any SBI India branch, over the counter.
  • Cheque-Manual Dropbox: Drop a check in the box at any SBI branch in India and you will be credited with your dues as soon as the check clears.
  • SBI ATM: You can pay up your SBI credit card dues using your SBI debit card and SBI ATM.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a credit card?

In some cases, there is a point when it becomes absolutely necessary to discuss the advantages and disadvantages that accompany an item, and the credit card industry is in that position right now. In general, there is a clear difference between a positive and a negative when it comes to credit cards, but with credit cards, there is a mixed path that ultimately you decide what you’re going to do. Here is an analysis of the pros and cons, so you can conduct thorough research and decide what to do.

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You can improve your credit score by building credit

Having a credit history is essential if you are going to build your credit score, and to have a credit history, you will need to have taken credit and managed it well. As soon as you take out a loan, it will be reported to one of the credit rating agencies, and from that point on your credit management will be tracked. The more well you manage your credit, the better your credit score will be. If you fail to pay your bills, then you will suffer a fall in your credit scores. If you manage your credit properly, you can also achieve your life goals or be able to achieve a good standard of living if you choose to take advantage of credit.

A more secure system

If you lose a credit card, you can inform your bank to block the card and the problem will be resolved. When you use cash, you have a number of issues such as it being torn, lost, stolen, etc. With credit cards, none of these issues arise. You receive various provisions to simplify the management of your credit card, as your credit card company monitors your spending habits and card activity for any unusual activities.


If you use a credit card, you will be eligible for various rewards, cashback offers, air miles, and so on as a result of the usage of a credit card. Regularly using a credit card means you will be eligible for a variety of offers, benefits, etc. And so it is understandable why so many people now use credit cards for even the smallest of transactions. As a result, you prefer to receive more and more gifts, cash backs, etc. These benefits will have a further benefit to you, so you desire to receive as often as possible.



When you sign up for a credit card, it may seem like all fun and games until you learn about the associated costs. It is important to note that there are a number of additional fees and charges associated with a credit card. First of all, the charges are quite high. Additionally, there are other charges and fees, such as cash charges and overdraw charges. With all these charges, having a credit card becomes even more expensive, and while it may seem appealing at first glance, credit cards can quickly drain your funds. As well as that, historically there has been no such thing as a single credit card being sufficient, and believe us, managing one alone is quite a task. It isn’t necessary to have two cards on your person that milk you for money.

It is possible to become trapped

If you don’t have too much money to spend, sometimes it is a blessing in disguise, because you now have access to all those funds that you didn’t have before, by using a credit card. You might end up spending all that extra money without thinking about different things and you might find yourself stuck in a situation where you are in debt because you will be going crazy on spending money with this extra fund, and now you might be splurging money without thinking about various things. Therefore, it is better to stay away from these types of habits that will make you bankrupt.

Your credit score may be damaged if you have too many credit cards

There are a number of factors that contribute to your credit score. These include borrowing, your payment history, new credit, type of credit, etc. Your 3-digit credit score is created by combining all of these factors, and is calculated using a CIBIL score, Equifax score, or other credit scores which determine whether or not you are eligible for credit cards or loans. It is okay to have a few cards, but once you reach some number, you will simply add to your own burden and find it more difficult to track cards on your own, making it even more challenging.

In today’s society, people are not satisfied with just one credit card, and they need several just to pay off their previous credit cards. This is the reason for the craze of credit cards. In our blog, we have explained how to pay your credit card bill using another credit card, how to pay your credit card bill using another credit card India, how to pay your credit card online, and how to pay your SBI credit card bill. You have now learned even more ways to utilize your credit card.

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