Smallcase App Review 2022 – Is Smallcase App secure?

Smallcase App Review 2022 – Is Smallcase App secure?: A company based in Bengaluru called Smallcase Technologies Pvt Ltd makes the Smallcase app for financial services. In this application, investors can buy baskets of stocks based on themes. The platform doesn’t hold or carry the stocks; it just offers a portfolio.

It is also possible for investors to obtain dividend income directly into their bank accounts without deduction or additional charges due to the fact that the bucket of stocks is placed in their Demat account. As a result of this partnership, Smallcase app has partnered with brokers such as HDFC Securities, 5paisa, Zerodha, and Edelweiss. In this article, we will provide you with information regarding Smallcase app functionality, pros, cons, and other aspects.

Smallcase App Review 2022 – Is Smallcase App secure?
Smallcase App Review 2022 – Is Smallcase App secure?


What is Smallcase App?

As a portfolio-building application, Smallcase was developed by Smallcase Technologies Pvt Ltd., a Bengaluru-based organization. This company offers investors the opportunity to invest in buckets of stocks at a discounted rate. In terms of delivering better results to investors, it offers simplified portfolios that are effective and efficient.

This portfolio was developed by industry-leading experts, and the applications were supported by leading stock broker applications, including Zerodha. A research team of this company has in-house expertise in offering enhanced portfolio options to its customers by utilizing advanced algorithms and research reports. Therefore, investors using this application may have the highest likelihood of achieving higher returns.

Smallcase App Review 2022 – Is Smallcase App secure?

What is the process?

Smallcase’s working process is quite straightforward. It allows you to invest in the smallcase through its partners. Using Smallcase, you can invest as a lump sum or through a recurring investment plan.

There are many investment options for you to invest directly through partners like Zerodha, and all of these investments can be seen in your Demat account, and you are also able to track their performance, dividends, portfolio, and other information.


Smallcase App Review 2022 – Is Smallcase App secure?

There are many exciting features available in Smallcase applications that enhance the investing experience. In this article, we will take a look at the most important features of the Smallcase application that every investor should be aware of.

  • The app offers a variety of investment strategies based on factors that relate to different sectors.
  • The Smallcase app is managed by 180+ Smallcase managers, including Windmill Capital, who ensure that strategies are of the highest quality.
  • Before investing, you have the option of adding or removing certain stocks.
  • Smallcases may be created by users and shared with friends and family members.
  • The performance of your investments can be tracked and different decisions can be made.

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Smallcase App Review 2022 – Is Smallcase App secure?

A portfolio management application such as Smallcase provides investors with an innovative platform to invest in so they can enjoy a high rate of return. Below are some of the main advantages that come with using this type of platform.

  • As opposed to mutual funds, stock investments remain the property of the investor.
  • As a result of new tax rules, investors are now eligible to receive tax-free dividends of up to Rs 10,00,000.
  • A Smallcase application updates and develops its portfolio options using the latest research reports using its technology and algorithms. Investors are therefore not required to do any research.
  • One of the most attractive features of this application is its rebalancing feature that allows investors to make hassle-free investments in the stock market.


Smallcase App Review 2022 – Is Smallcase App secure?

There are also some disadvantages of using the Smallcase app for investors. You can read about those below. It will help you decide whether it is a reliable platform for hassle-free investing or not.

  • During the time of rebalancing investment options, the user must pay tax and brokerage fees. On the other hand, mutual funds do not incur any tax or brokerage fees when their manager performs the same activity.  
  • There are no tax expenses or brokerage fees shown in the given chart. It just shows the performance of the portfolios or stocks that have been selected. 
  • You should try other applications if you believe Smallcase can be used to make passive income. You will need to keep an eye out for regular updates and notifications.

Review of the Smallcase App Portfolio

Smallcase App Review 2022 – Is Smallcase App secure?

Here is a list of some major portfolio options you should consider while investing your money, which are displayed within this application. There are more than 50 different combinations of themes and portfolios.

1. The 100 most valuable stocks

Smallcases include large-cap companies, and it uses ICICI Prudential Nifty ETFs to select the top 100 companies by their market capitalization.

2. Mobility powered by electricity

It would be an ideal category to focus on and choose the appropriate portfolio to invest in if you are also inspired by electric vehicles and wish to invest in them.

3. Housing that is affordable

Real estate investors will find this Smallcase suitable as it contains the companies that can benefit from PMAY and general affordable housing schemes.

4. The transportation of Indian goods

Smallcase has also provided the theme so that investors can consider the transportation sector as a growth opportunity due to eCommerce and GST.

5. Investing in growth at a fair price

This theme contains stocks that are achieving increasing returns on capital (ROC) and having positive growth. These stocks are well-priced and are able to provide a decent return over time.

Charges associated with the Smallcase application

Users do not pay any fees to Smallcase; the broker partners do. Its broker partners, including Zerodha, charge Rs 100 for the first transaction fee in a Smallcase portfolio. As a part of the subscription fee, its broker partners like Zerodha also charge subscription fees for certain features, which range from Rs 118 monthly to Rs 1133 annually. The fee applies whenever you choose a new theme for the first time.

Despite the fact that Smallcase does not charge for the opening of an account, it is possible for the brokers to impose charges for services. Zerodha, HDFC Securities, and other listed brokers can impose brokerage charges on transactions and government charges.

Is Smallcase App secure?

There are 4.8-star ratings on the App Store for the smallcase app, and it is partnered with leading brokerage houses including Zerodha and HDFC Securities. The smallcase app offers simplified investment options through an algorithm-based platform.

This company appears to be legitimate and can be a safe investment for investors based on the information available. It offers an array of investment options to make the investment decision less risky.

Smallcase: Is it worth investing in?

For investors who are looking for high rates of return in the short term or want to earn a high dividend income from their investments, the smallcase app can be ideal. This app might not be suitable for passive investors.


It takes the help of its expert fund managers to create a bucket for its users based on their investment goals. Through this app, investors do not have to spend time researching or finding the best stocks or SIPs for their investments.

With this review of Smallcase, we discussed the application and its other elements. We hope this review has provided you with some valuable information about this application and will help you make a decision regarding its

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