The scope of digital marketing in India in 2022 and beyond

The scope of digital marketing in India in 2022 and beyond: The importance of technology in the commercial sector has been increasing over the past few years. On a global scale, the impact of technology has been disruptive to virtually every business industry. The impact of technology has made it almost impossible for a business to stay rigid and within its comfort zone. 

The use of technology has enabled Indian digital marketing to become more sophisticated, which has led to digital marketing becoming increasingly competitive in the country. For example, if we take a look at how technology has advanced Indian digital marketing, the company will be able to make more money.

There is an increase in the use of social media by most of the world’s population in recent years, and as a result, the scope of digital marketing in India has greatly increased over the years. 

The scope of digital marketing in India in 2022 and beyond
The scope of digital marketing in India in 2022 and beyond

Research shows that people now spend more than eight hours online each day. The number of people using social media has increased by 82%, gaming has increased by 76%, and video watching has increased by 113%. 

The number of Zoom and Google Classroom users has increased significantly, with each service having over 6 million and 4 million users, respectively. The number of Netflix users, Facebook users, and YouTube users has also increased substantially. 

With 222 million subscribers, Netflix is the world’s largest streaming service. YouTube traffic has increased by more than 15.3% to over 2 billion views per month. With the ease of accessibility online, a start-up can operate globally thanks to social media platforms and digital marketing tools.

Through organic and paid digital marketing strategies, companies can achieve their goals while saving a substantial amount of money on advertising. 

Digital marketing is becoming one of the most popular methods of advertising in India. Unfortunately, most Indian businesses have not used digital marketing, and its application in the industry had been limited for many years because companies were unwilling to change their old business practices in order to benefit from digital marketing. 

The aim of this article is to investigate the reason why it is important to be involved in digital marketing and what it will look like in India in 2022 and in the future.


The scope of digital marketing in India in 2022 and beyond

What is Digital Marketing?

This definition of digital marketing is defined as a marketing activity that promotes products and services through the use of digital channels including social media, websites, email, search engine optimization, and mobile apps. This can also refer to any marketing activity that utilizes electronic devices.

The Evolution of Digital Marketing Over The Years

Mobile phones, computers, and laptops are now widely connected to the Internet, which has resulted in a big increase in digital channels.

In today’s digital world, this medium is transformed into a full-fledged market, irrespective of whether you are using social media, searching for information on Google, or ordering something online. It has been due to the rapid growth of this market that digital marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways to increase the sales of companies.

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There is a CAGR of 25-30% in India for digital marketing. And if statistics are to be believed, by the end of 2018, there will be 500 million internet users in India. A meteoric rise in the field of digital marketing has been brought about by rapid digitization, online portals, social media, and a host of other factors.

In India, digital marketing is on the rise

A traditional marketing method used in India was door-to-door advertising, word-of-mouth publicity, radio announcements, and television commercials. That was until the internet was invented. 

Because of the growing number of laptops and mobile phones, it became easier to reach a large audience.

India’s Digital Marketing Situation

The introduction of Michael Aldrich’s online shopping system was one of the first examples of online connectivity. Thomson Holidays UK followed in the following years, and IndiaMART B2B followed in 1996. 

There is one final factor that has altered the marketing landscape in India since 2007 when Flipkart, an e-commerce website launched, changed the way people make purchases, the way they go for delivery, and how they use marketing through the internet to promote brands. 

A large sector of the business market has thrived due to the growing influence of digital marketing over the course of the years. This industry is bringing a substantial percentage of the business online, thanks to its promise of building an international network and flourishing even the smallest of businesses.

What is its impact on the lives of individuals?

In India, an individual spends between 4-5 hours per day scrolling through social media, checking emails, and using the internet. With the growth of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other similar devices, the use of these devices has only accelerated and penetrated the market, making it possible to reach a wider audience. 

By displaying ideas through images, videos, texts, and other media, people are able to build solid foundations in their minds that translate into their daily lives. By influencing audiences online with various content formats, digital marketing aims to enhance a brand’s influence.

The top digital marketing categories and types

Small and large businesses alike have equal opportunities to grow through digital marketing. This form of marketing provides your business with multiple ways to engage with current and potential customers and provides high returns for relatively little expenditure.

Let’s look at the various digital marketing types that are important for business growth.

The role of content marketing in marketing

The benefits of digital marketing are equally applicable to small and large businesses alike. This form of marketing provides many options through which to engage with your current and prospective customers and results in high returns for relatively little investment.o decide.

As part of this type of digital marketing, you will publish helpful content to answer the questions of your audience.

There are many platforms through which content can be written and marketed, including blogs, social media, email, and other platforms. Mobile devices also have their own formats, such as apps and push notifications.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

There are a number of benefits that can be derived from digital marketing for companies of all sizes, small and large EO allows your content to appear in the top search results. As a result, someone actively looking for what you offer will find your website.

If you want to use search engine optimization for your business, you need to first understand which keywords the target audience you want to reach is looking for and then create content based on these terms.

A career in digital marketing can be a rewarding one if you learn how to use it successfully. This is one of the hottest digital marketing trends that offers a variety of career prospects and opportunities. 

Social media marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing, or SMM for short, is a strategy that uses social media to promote your brand, product, or piece of content.

There are many great benefits of social media marketing, including the ability to connect with your audience and the possibility for interaction. In addition, you will find that when your content is shared via social media, you may receive validation from your audience that you are doing something right.

Social media can also be used to communicate directly with your target audience, so it is imperative to stay in constant communication with them.

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising

SMM, or social media marketing, is a marketing strategy utilizing social media to promote your brand, product, or content.nd Bing. 

In many search engine results pages, paid advertisements appear before organic results, and are always accompanied by a “Ad” favicon in order to capture the attention of the user.

These types of digital marketing can be paid for using a variety of payment models, but the following are the most common:In almost every single digital marketing strategy, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is used to reach your target audience, and it can be used to buy clicks on your ad by bidding on keywords in an ongoing auction to buy clicks on your ad.

CPM or the Cost Per Mille impressions is another standard model used in search engine marketing, whereas the PPC model is commonly used to pay only for the traffic you generate.

The use of email marketing

We all receive many emails every day, and people still think that email marketing has been rendered dead.

The use of digital marketing is one of the most efficient forms of marketing on the internet today. However, if it is used strategically, it is possible to achieve significant results.

As well as promoting products and services, one way to maintain your subscribers’ interest is by keeping your audience up to date with useful and relevant content. Again, just be certain that you respect your audience’s privacy and don’t bombard them with information.

A successful inbound marketing strategy requires the use of email as a critical component. If you automate your marketing funnel, you will be able to guide your customers to the next stage of the sales process.

Emails are also a great tool for communicating directly with your customers, which is a huge plus.

Marketing via instant messaging

Email marketing is still thought to be dead in many circles despite the fact that we all receive hundreds of emails every day., which is a fantastic marketing opportunity.

Providing these channels allows your customers to receive quick assistance when they need it, which is good for your brand and your customer relationship.

Therefore, digital marketing of this kind cannot be ignored.

Affiliate Marketing

Content creators are paAffiliate marketing pays commissions for each product or service conversion. The affiliates act as your company’s sales team.ntent. You pay them for each sale if their audience clicks to buy.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you won’t need a large audience because you’ll reach a community of content creators.

As in social media marketing, you should select bloggers who are compatible with your products and services.

Marketing with influencers

Creating content is part of an affiliate marketing program, which pays commissions for each conversion of a product or service. These affiliates act as your company’s sales representatives. You pay them for each sale if their audience clicks to make a purchase.c tests of your products and broadcast the positive or negative results. 

Although there may be some risks involved, such as their saying or doing something damaging to your brand, a large number of new clients may be brought to your company as a result of the loyalty of their followers.

Video Marketing

YouTube is accessed by more than 2 billion people every month, according to Google.

As entertainment, news, how-to videos, or educational videos are all sources that can be used to reach new customers, it is an excellent opportunity to reach new customers.

There are several ways to increase your marketing funnel results, such as creating video marketing strategies, writing blogs, and sending emails.

Over 87% of consumers use search engines and videos to learn more about products and to see how they have been used by others. They also use them as a way to compare products with their own and to make a purchase decision.

The future of digital marketing in India: a look into the future 2022 and beyond

Since the outbreak of the pandemic two years ago, the scope of career options within Digital Marketing has grown considerably. With the pandemic affecting us for two years, the growth of Digital Marketing careers has been nothing short of phenomenal.

As new developments and variants emerge within the industry, such as Omicron and Delta, the trend patterns seem to fluctuate considerably. However, the popularity of digital marketing remains strong. In addition, it is expected to gain even more traction in 2023.

In order to measure marketing success, we need to think of the large number of people reached through marketing practices. The use of the internet has increased day by day. India is the second-largest Internet user in the world.

The number of internet users in India is predicted to reach almost 666 million by 2023, and the number of internet users worldwide is expected to reach 5.3 billion by 2023. As a result, marketing online will become more and more common as more and more people turn to the Internet.

There are numerous niches, job roles, profiles, and niches to explore with regard to a career in digital marketing. As an example, people can become SEO Experts, Social Media Marketers, PPC Experts, YouTube Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, etc., among many others.

There are attractive packages. Career growth is exponential. There are also a number of remote and freelance opportunities available. 

The future of digital marketing (What to expect?)

Clearly, digital marketing is going to have a prolific future in India, and the scope of its application will increase in the next few years as well. Therefore, digital marketing’s future appears bright and secure.

It will become increasingly important for digital marketers to be creative, innovative, and in touch with the latest trends as new opportunities arise.

Digital marketing has experienced rapid growth in the past few years, largely due to COVID-19. People have become more comfortable purchasing goods or services online, whether it is shopping, ordering food or medicines, or even banking.

Due to these shifting consumer needs, digital marketing has become increasingly important.

Additionally, the future generation will be growing up in an already digital world, so companies should begin digital marketing efforts now so that they can be sure to reach out to them in the future.

A key takeaway from all of this is that the future scope of digital marketing in India has a bright future. So if you are interested in digital marketing, now is the time to seize this opportunity.

What is the best way to learn digital marketing from scratch?

In today’s world, digital marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular and most sought after skills, which is why a digital marketing education can help you build a prosperous future for yourself. 

There are several online and offline digital marketing courses available. However, it is imperative that you select a course that provides a practical training experience, since learning digital marketing involves a lot of practice and exposure to real-life situations.

The most popular sport in India is cricket. It is impossible to become a professional cricketer without participating in real matches and putting all of one’s efforts into it. In a similar manner, digital marketing requires practice through participation in real online projects.

Job Opportunities and Salaries in the Digital Marketing Industry in India

Depending on their position, the scope and salary of digital marketing may vary.

Digital Marketing Manager

A Digital Marketing Manager needs to have several vital skills, such as SEO, Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing, and many other essential skills. This position requires an extensive knowledge of digital marketing and the ability to mentor, supervise, and lead others effectively in the field. 

As a Digital Marketing Lead, Assistant Manager, and Assistant Manager DM, this position requires extensive experience at various levels.

Digital Marketing Manager Salary in India

This position requires 4–8 years of experience and an average income of Rs. 8,09,777 for a Digital Marketing Manager in India. Other factors, including industry, qualification, Digital Marketing certification, and job location, all play an important role in determining salary. Digital Marketing has a very wide scope of employment.

This determines the salary range of DM Managers from $4,000 per year to over $80,000 per year, which depends on a number of factors, some of which may be influenced by the person’s salary.

Expert in PPC

A PPC Expert and a PPC Analyst are in high demand in the digital marketing field. These candidates must be able to demonstrate enough proficiency to earn profits equal to or greater than the investment in paid advertising. 

PPC Expert Salary in India

Freshers with a strong understanding of the fundamentals of PPC or those with a few months of internship can also expect to be paid similarly in the competitive market in India. The salary for a fresher PPC Analyst or PPC Executive is around Rs. 2,50,000. In the competitive market, this position demands candidates with the right skills.

There are many advantages in becoming a PPC analyst, including a salary of Rs 6,00,000 per year, as well as the ability to monetize digital platforms once they have mastered Pay Per Click management. You can also earn anywhere from Rs 80,000 to Rs 160,000 per year as you gain experience and skills.

Specialist in search engine optimization

The most effective method of attracting long-term, high-converting visitors will always be search engine optimization. 

There are a number of SEO tools that you should be familiar with, including SEMrush, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.

An individual’s salary is primarily influenced by their experience and knowledge about the subject matter. A beginner will come out with a fairly average pay scale, but as he/she gains a deeper understanding of the subject, the pay scale will rise.

SEO Specialist Salary in India

As their skills and experience increase, SEO freshers can expect to earn between Rs. 2,40,000 and 3,24,000 per year. 

It is estimated that SEO Managers earn an annual salary of Rs. 3,60,000 to 5,40,000.

Social Media Executive

In today’s society, social media is the preferred method of interacting with others. As a result, brands begin developing social media presences well before they create their website or application. 

Increasing engagement and traffic on a business’s website is dependent upon effective use of social media. To generate traffic to their sites, businesses hire social media marketers who are proficient in all aspects of social media. 

As a social media marketer, you are also required to have a working knowledge of various social media marketing tools. For example, you need to understand Hootsuite, Buffer, and Buzzsumo, to name just a few.


Salary of a Social Media Executive/Specialist in India

Generally, if you have less than three years of experience in the field of Social Media, you can expect to earn between INR 2,50,000 and INR 3,50,000 per year. 

The demand for Social Media Professionals in Digital Marketing Agencies is high, and the salary for these professionals varies depending on their experience, skills, and location of employment.

Digital Marketing in India: FAQs

Is there a difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing?

The term “digital marketing” refers to the use of the internet and various technological tools for the purpose of completing a specific task, while “marketing” refers to promoting the products and services of a business.

Digital marketing refers to many methods that businesses can use to reach out to customers, such as email marketing, blogging, online advertising, social media marketing, video marketing, etc.

2. How does digital marketing differ from other forms of marketing?

Areas of Digital Marketing:
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
YouTube Marketing
Mobile App Marketing
Google Ads
Pay Per Click Advertising

What is the average salary of a digital marketer in India?

Digital marketing managers in the Indian industry earn an average salary of around Rs 8 lakhs per year. Those with considerable experience in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore can earn an average salary of around Rs 15 lakhs per year.

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